Velvet Hour 9'3" Soleil Thunderbolt Surfboards

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9'3" x 23" x 3" x 74.3L


** Available for delivery to SE Pennsylvania and New Jersey**

This log is a classic Australian style involvement log design made popular in the late 60s in Australia before the transition era. Its wide point is slotted back from the center point making for a wider tail area pushing the effective volume to the rear of the board. The wider tail helps create a lift for nose riding when you're in the pocket and it's got a narrow nose profile for control in steep tight pockets when you're tip riding.  It also has a concave to create that extra lift for nose riding. When you combine all these design elements you get a board that nose rides seamlessly in the pocket and then with that wide point back, creates a pivot point which allows a board to be super maneuverable.